Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Curtain Recycling!

Have unused curtains laying around? Make pillows! 

Other notable ladies who made stuff out of curtains: Maria Von Trapp and Scarlett O'hara!

The best part is using the trim that's already on the curtains! i didn't have to sew any of the fancy trim on this pillow cover (well, except a couple buttons).

I also made a round pillow to go with it! This is so much better than curtains laying around doing nothing. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taggy Cuddle Blanket

This is a perfect little cuddle blanket for baby! I used fleece because it makes the blanket warm and soft, and there's no need to add any extra lining. The block pattern of the fabric makes it look like a patchwork quilt, without sewing all those squares together! This is so easy to make, it only takes very basic sewing skills.

Begin by cutting out 6 inch pieces of ribbon to make the taggies. I used 14 of them on my blanket. 

Next step is to cut out the top of the blanket. This blanket it about 25" x 32". I used the squares on the fabric as a guide for what size to make it. Then i added a 5/8" seam allowance so the edge of the design wouldn't get cut off during the sewing process.

The next part is easy! Just lay your blanket top on a second fabric and cut around it to make the back of the blanket.

Time to add the taggies! You can add as many or as few as you'd like. I put one every 8 inches.

Take your 6" piece of ribbon and fold it in half to form a loop. With the blanket top laying right side up, line the raw edge of the ribbon up with the raw edge of the fabric and pin.

Then use a basting stitch to hold each ribbon in place.

Next pin the front and back of the blanket right sides together. Sew using a 5/8" seam, backstitching a few times when you sew over each piece of ribbon. This will ensure they are sewn in extra tightly so baby can't pull them out. Leave about a 4 inch opening for turning the blanket right side out.

Trim about 1/4" from the seam to get rid of any excess fabric.

Turn the blanket right side out from the 4 inch opening.
 It's almost finished! Next, slip stitch the 4 inch opening shut.
 This next step is optional, but is super cute, and really makes it look like a patchwork quilt. We're going to add yarn knots to hold the two pieces of fabric together at the corners of each square.

Cut a long piece of yarn and thread it through a needle. Use a needle with the biggest eye you can find, since it is not easy to thread yarn through any needle!

 Where the four corners of the squares meet, thread the yarn through both layers of the blanket from the top.

Next, thread the yarn back up from the bottom.

Now tie the yarn with a triple knot, and cut at about one inch.

Add a knot like this where each of the four corners of the squares meet.

And you're all done! Baby is going to love this! :)