Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Time!

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I'm already making cute and creepy halloween crafts. They're just so fun :)

Potion bottles! So spooky and easy to make. I got the glass bottles for a dollar each, glued something creepy to each one, and added colored water. Voila! Do not drink these sinister brews ;)

Thank you for this creepy Halloween craft idea, Shrunken Head Cider! If you love carving pumpkins, then you'll have a blast with this.

Peel and cut one apple in half to make two faces. Carve in whatever spooky face you'd like, bake until shruken and brown, and add cloves for the eye balls.

I love this because it's fun, easy, and works for any holiday. Just find some festive holiday paper, cut out the letters, and string them up with ribbon. 

Happy Halloween everyone! Please share your creative, spooky craft ideas :)