Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Time!

I love Christmas, and I'm sure it's any crafter's favorite time of the year! I spent all day yesterday decorating and writing Christmas cards. It was awesome! Check out some of these holiday pointers.

 Tree too small? Decorate a big box to set it on! It makes your tree look taller, and it's super cute!

Don't have a lot of gifts under your tree yet? Just add a bunch of empty gift bags. It looks really festive and will put you in the holiday spirit!

Wrap the paintings and photos on your walls. I've seen this done before, but this was my first try at it. I think it turned out pretty good!

Jazz up your gifts with a fancy bow. These are easy to make, and it's much cheaper to make your own than to buy one. Below are instructions for my favorite bows. Please give them a try, and let me know how they turn out.

There are so many bow tutorials out there. If these don't work for you, try something else!

Don't like the wreaths you find in stores? Decorate your own! Pick out a plain wreath and you can add whatever decorations you like! My husband added lights, ornaments, berries, and flowers to this one. I love it! It's exactly the wreath we wanted!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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  1. I wrapped my photo frames 2 Christmas's ago. Mike came over for New Years Eve that year...and he tried to unwrap all my frames! haha.