Thursday, November 11, 2010

Greeting Card Boxes

Not sure what to do with old greeting cards? Make them into cute little boxes, of course! All you'll need is a card, scissors, a ruler, tape, and a pencil, then you're ready to make something adorable and useful! I took the greeting cards I got last Christmas, made them into boxes, and put them into a cute santa basket for a fun decoration this year.

Separate the front and back of the card. It usually tears in half pretty easily.

Cut the front into a square. Do the same to the back, making it about 1/4 inch smaller, so it will fit into the cover of the box.

Draw a diagonal line connecting each corner.

Fold one corner into the center.

 Then fold it again to the center.

 Repeat this on the opposite corner, then unfold and repeat on the two remaining corners.

 Unfold and it should look like this.

Cut along the two closest lines horizontal with the pencil line up to the square in the center.
 Repeat on the opposite side.

 Fold the uncut corner.

 Fold again, and repeat on the opposite corner.

 Fold up the sides to form a box shape.

 Fold over the side flap.

 Repeat on the other side and secure flaps with a piece of tape.

 Repeat all steps to make the bottom of the box.

 Then you're all done! Enjoy!

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